EGR Solution / Delete

EGR Solution / Delete


Pilsley - Egr Delete

EGR Valve Delete / Removal

Experiencing the common engine codes ‘P0401’ or ‘P0404’, indicating insufficient EGR flow or a stuck valve? Or any of the multitude of EGR related codes?

Concerned about locating nearby EGR removal solutions or an EGR delete remap? It can be challenging to find trusted services. However, fear not! Vertex Tuning offers a straightforward and cost-effective solution for EGR issues.

Our EGR valve removal service offers the following benefits:

  • Enhanced Power
  • Superior Fuel Efficiency
  • Quicker Throttle Response
  • Fewer Flat Spots
  • A Cleaner Intake System and Engine
  • Decreased Maintenance Expenses
  • Extended Engine and Turbo Longevity
  • Manufacturers install EGR valves to limit the vehicle’s NOx (Nitrogen Oxide) emissions. However, the downsides often outweigh the purported advantages.

Drawbacks Of The EGR Valve  Include:

  • Diminished Efficiency
  • Reduced Performance
  • Increased Particulate Matter (Soot)
  • Carbon Accumulation within the Inlet Manifold, Engine, and Turbo

Often, EGR Valve malfunctions arise when polluted exhaust gases obstruct the EGR valve, forcing it to remain open. This results in the engine being deprived of oxygen, making it less efficient and responsive. In extreme cases, vehicles can become nearly inoperable. Electronic failures in the EGR valve can also occur, primarily if its internal motor or position sensors malfunction.

EGR Removal encompasses two critical steps:

  1. The EGR Valve is blanked off, preventing any exhaust gases from re-entering the intake system. This blanking is only necessary if the valves are obstructed by carbon deposits and can’t close entirely.
  2. The vehicle’s ECU undergoes a remap (reprogramming), eliminating the EGR functions from its software or electronically ensuring the valve remains shut. Proper execution of this step is paramount. While attending to this, we also have the capability to enhance the vehicle’s performance and fuel efficiency through additional remapping.

With us being a mobile service covering Pilsley, we can complete the Egr Delete at your home or work, anywhere that is convenient for you



What Our Customers Say

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Michael Hudson

Had my L200 and discovery remapped by Vertex, wanted them both doing for towing. They both now pull like trains. Thanks again, great service. 👌

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Jordon Kay-Bailey

Absolute pleasure dealing with Vertex Turning! The beauty of them being mobile is I had a last minute job that we met me at and everything was done there instead of at home. Quick, Easy and Professional! 🏆 10/10

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Jacqui Hilton

Had my previous car and work van re mapped by Darren. Professional service, explained well. Loved the increased power, will definitely use again. 5* service.

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James Horsfall

Remapped and the car has never been so good. Fuel economy has risen and I have that extra bit of power and pull when I need it on the motorway.

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Gary's Tarantulas

Great communication, answered all the questions I had. Would highly recommend!

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Thomas Procko

After visiting a few tuners for tuning my mercedes A35. Darren by far blew me away. i had people blaming the cpc module for not noticing any difference in the tuning applied. as soon as Darren applied his tune we took it out on the road, did several pulls. The car made my legs go like jelly! This guy knows his stuff and made my A35 a total animal. Thanks again!

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Lee Pod Lane

Had my T6.1 transporter mapped, professional start to finish and now drive so much better, can't thank you enough, it's like a new van.

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Jamie Paterson

I would highly recommend Darren at vertex tuning , he recently mapped my Bmw and it pulls like a train now and so much better on my fuel. Top job bud 👍

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Jacqui Rigging

Had my previous car and work van stage 1 mapped by Darren. Professional service. Explained well. Loved the increased power. Will definitely use again. 5* service

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Liam Stanswood

Vertex Tuning professional from start to finish, Darren really knows his stuff and wouldn’t go anywhere else. 110% recommend. 👍🏻

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Luke Nixon

Highly recommended professional service results are unreal power gains

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Ian Mersey

I contacted Darren with an issue I had with my car. it had been mapped by the previous owner. To me it didn't quite feel right. I booked it in for a check up. I received a call 2 hours later, explaining the problem. I picked it up later that afternoon, OMG, its a totally different car, drives so smooth. Thank you so much!!

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Clair Smith

I had a stage one remap on my Fiesta, Darren turned up on time and was polite and professional. My car has more power and drives much better than before. Would highly recommend Vertex Remapping.

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Used to remap my focus estate. Getting much more mpg. Very happy. I will definitely use again when I change my vehicle.

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Ops Services LTD

Thank you Darren from Vertex Tuning, you have done a great job on out two works vehicles today. Very professional and highly recommended 👍🏻

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Finnley Gardner

Darren from Vertex has remapped my last 3 vans, all 3 ran a lot better/quicker and the mpg increased, I will continue to use Vertex for all my future vans.

Pilsley - Egr Delete

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